News MapleLumiere Open Beta: 06/11 - 30/11


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Friday, 6th November 2020 0000hrs - Monday, 30th November 2020 0000hrs
*Timings are all according to the server time (currently PST) shown on the website.

MapleLumiere's open beta will consist of 2 phases with each phase lasting for 1.5 weeks.

Phase 1 will allow players to level up until level 200 where its main purpose is to test and gather feedback for the early stages of the player's experience in the server. We will then use this information to make any necessary improvements before commencing Phase 2. In Phase 2, players will be allowed to progress up to Level 250 and provide us with feedback towards the mid-to-late game of the server experience.

Phase 1 Reward:
Upon achieving Level 200 during Phase 1 of the beta, players will receive an exclusive Monster Hot Air Balloon mount!

Phase 2 Reward:

Players who managed to reach Level 250 during Phase 2 of the beta will receive an exclusive Hero Worship chair!!!

Phase 1 & 2 Participation Reward:
If you weren't able to achieve the level required to obtain the rewards for Phase 1 and 2, fret not, we have something here for everyone!
All players who participated in the beta will receive a Legion Block based on the highest level character you have achieved during the beta.

We hope that you will have fun during the beta and we look forward to hearing your feedback!
*(NOTE: All rewards obtained during the beta are account bound and permanent and will be issued after the beta.)*
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