Just a quick thoguht from VITO


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Bpot is only from DOJO (absurd prices) 2-4 hrs of dojo to bet bpot, 10min of dojo for 1 cube they got violet cubes for DP, you can only trade DP with npc at 3 prices which supposevly update each week but IDK if anyone will trade DP at 3 fixed rates in reality like 1 dp 4m 1dp 2.5m 1dp 1m... buffed chs... mobs over 150 get capped to 275 since it's max lvl there. u can't even kill them because of miss early game u can lvl to 70 on buffed golems in 3minutes.... missing auto cube npc ofc I got like 2k red cubes laying on my acc kek NX only from party quest. NX usless basicaly once u get 100k ur good for life... you can clearly see which servers aren't played by staff and which are because some features are just so absurd it dont make sense at all...

but that's just my 2 cents lol I'd like to hear your opinion about it too